Remote Desktop Scanning

TSScan – The remote desktop scanning software solution for enabling you to use your locally available imaging devices on your terminal server. With a few clicks TSScan is installed and you are ready to scan from your local scanners.

Plug and Play

There is no need to open any network ports or compromise your security as TSScan is utilizing the Microsoft RDP Virtual Channel technology which enables it to securely communicates through your RDP connection.

Scan On

TSScan comes with support for all modern document scanners by having a standard compliant TWAIN implementation. Duplex scanners, card scanners, desktop scanners, high capacity scanners and medical imaging scanners are all supported by TSScan.

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30 day free trial


Buy License

Starting from $99.00!





  • Simple plug and play installation. Just a few clicks and zero configuration!
  • No driver installations required. TSScan will remove the troublesome installations of drivers on your terminal server.
  • Ideal for healthcare and cloud computing!
  • Local scanners get mapped on your server.
  • Minimal resource usage. Fully optimized to work on remote desktop servers with a large number of users.
  • Scan quality preserved. Your scans will look the same as if you scanned them with the manufacturer drivers.
  • Network independent. As long as you can connect to your remote desktop server you will be able to use TSScan.
  • Fully secure because it is channeled through the RDP protocol which is SSL encrypted.


It improves your day to day work on a remote desktop server. Having your scanner available on your remote desktop server saves both time and enables you to use a much wider range of application.

Aplication Homepage
Aplication Homepage
Aplication Homepage